Softee Roo Post Surgical Camisole
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Softee Roo Post Surgical Camisole

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Product Description

Uniquely designed with your post-operative needs in mind! The SOFTEE Roo (formerly the SOFTEE Two) was created for patient comfort immediately after surgery. It is recommended by hundreds of Surgeons and Doctors as a therapeutic medical garment to assist in recovery. Nurture yourself with the softness and practicality of this prosthetic camisole. It features our unique Roo pocket to hold drain bulbs and can be used with or without our soft poly-fil breast forms. This is the perfect choice for comfort, care and function in hospital recovery and those first weeks home.

Specs & Features

Product Details
Softee Mastectomy Garments
Usually ships in 3 days
NOTE: Following bilateral (both breasts removed) mastectomies, you may measure a size smaller.
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Color Size
Softee ATBEIL573 Softee Roo Post Surgical Camisole-Beige-Large ATBEIL573 737534431566 In Stock Beige Large
Softee ATBEIM572 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-Beige-Med ATBEIM572 737534431573 In Stock Beige Medium
Softee ATBEIP570 Softee Roo Post Surgical Camisole-Beige-Petite ATBEIP570 737534431580 In Stock Beige Petite
Softee ATBEIS571 Softee Roo Post Surgical Camisole-Beige-Small ATBEIS571 737534431597 In Stock Beige Small
Softee ATBEIXL574 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-Beige-XL ATBEIXL574 737534431603 In Stock Beige Extra Large
Softee ATBEIXXL575 Softee Roo Post Surgical Camisole-Beige-2XL ATBEIXXL575 737534431610 In Stock Beige 2XL
Softee ATWL563 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-White-Large ATWL563 737534431689 In Stock White Large
Softee ATWM562 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-White-Med ATWM562 737534431696 In Stock White Medium
Softee ATWP560 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-White-Petite ATWP560 737534431702 In Stock White Petite
Softee ATWS561 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-White-Small ATWS561 737534431719 In Stock White Small
Softee ATWXL564 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-White-XL ATWXL564 737534431726 In Stock White Extra Large
Softee ATWXXL544 Roo Post Surgical Camisole-White-2XL ATWXXL544 737534431733 In Stock White 2XL