seca mVSA 535 Spot Check Vital Signs Monitor-NiBP & SpO2 Masimo
Product Sku: 5351200131

seca mVSA 535 Spot Check Vital Signs Monitor-NiBP & SpO2 Masimo

  • Takes NiBP & SpO2 Masimo measurements
  • Display: 7" Touchscreen-Display
  • Power supply: Built-in power adapter, internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • EMR ready

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Product Description

Acquiring patient's vitals is a routine task, performed on almost every patient. The seca mVSA 535 was designed to make this task as easy and efficient as possible. Staff at any level can operate the spot-check monitor due to its intuitive touch screen and self-explanatory user interface. The vitals capture is simple and can be fully integrated into your EMR system. Connectivity to seca scales and measuring stations is also a plus as well as the unique seca EQ BP technology. The seca mVSA fits perfectly into your existing workflows and frees up time and resources to improve patient care.

Specs & Features

Product Details
Seca Medical Scales
Usually ships in 3 days
Without BIA Module
Excess pressure limit 300 mmHg; automatic pressure release at > 300 mmHg
Oscillometric, deflation or inflation measurement
PSYS-25 - 280 mmHg pDIA-10 - 220 mmHg pMAP-15 - 260 mmHg
pSYS-77 - 200 mmHg pDIA-45 - 190 mmHg pMAP-56 - 193 mmHg
Normal-15 - 20 sec / max. 90 sec (adults)
max. +/- 3 bpm
30 - 240 bpm
45 - 200 bpm
7" Touchscreen-Display
5.9 lbs/2.7 kg
Ethernet, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi
Built-in power adapter, internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
10.9 inch/278 mm
10.3 inch/262 mm
9.9 inch/252 mm
SpO2 (resting) 70 % - 100 % ± 2 Arms; SpO2 (in motion) 70 % - 100 % ± 3 Arms
Pulse oximetry
0 - 100 %
Masimo SpO2 module
PR (no motion) 25 - 240 bpm ± 3 digits; PR (in motion) 25 - 240 bpm ± 5 digits
Pulse rate: 25 bpm to 240 bpm; Perfusion index measuring range 0.02% - 20.0%
Without temperature module
Superfast and accurate blood pressure measurement in under 20 seconds with unique seca EQ BP inflation mode
Temperature measuement
Unique seca service offerings with no downtime and only one integration interface for all seca devices needed
Rolling Stand not included (option part number seca 475)
Blood pressure measurement
Easy to operate spot-check monitor to capture all basic routine patient vitals in less than 60 seconds
EMR ready
EMR validated and certified for Cerner VitalsLink, HL7 and many other EMR systems to avoid errors and relieve caregivers
Long lasting battery up to 150 measurements on one single charge
Mobile use
seca EQ BP provides true screening of hypertension with configurable averaging mode