Tranquility 2311/2312/2314/2315 Smartcore Briefs-Case Quantities
Product Sku: 2311-5-Case

Tranquility 2311/2312/2314/2315 Smartcore Briefs-Case Quantities

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Product Description

The Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Briefs are designed to help maintain an ideal micro-climate for healthy skin. These disposable briefs feature a high capacity, high absorbency core which is effective in holding incontinence material for 6-8 hours. The peach mat construction provides a patented composite structural system that guarantees superior performance against other incontinence products in terms of skin dryness, urine neutralization, odor reduction, and inhibition of bacterial growth.
Case Quantity
2311Small100 Units
2312Medium96 Units
2313Large96 Units
2314Extra Large72 Units
23152XL32 Units

Specs & Features

Product Details
Tranquility Incontinence Products
Usually ships in 1 day
Breathable Sides help eliminate heat and moisture build-up to promote healthy skin with increased fresh air flow
Capacity/Wetness Indicator - Yellow lines turns blue when moisture is present. A change is due when the yellow lines turn completely blue
Soft, cloth-like material with Micro-hook closure tabs grip the cloth-like outer layer to securely fasten the brief and allow for multiple openings
The inner leg cuffs designed to channel fluids and contain high volume urge episodes and help contain bowel incontinence
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Size
Tranquility 2311 Small Smartcore Brief-100/Case 2311-Case 791090876063 In Stock Small
Tranquility 2312 Medium Smartcore Brief-96/Case 2312-Case 791090876070 In Stock Medium
Tranquility 2313 Large Smartcore Brief-96/Case 2313-Case 791090876087 Out of Stock Large
Tranquility 2314 Extra Large Smartcore Brief-72/Case 2314-Case 791090876094 In Stock Extra Large
Tranquility 2315 XXL Smartcore Brief-32/Case 2315-Case 791090876100 Out of Stock 2XL