Kennedy Industries KS Skin Crème-The Original Skin Creme for Wrestlers
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Kennedy Industries KS Skin Crème-The Original Skin Creme for Wrestlers

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It should be applied before every practice and every match. The best way to apply KS is through an athletic trainer. If a trainer is not available, then KS should be applied by the "buddy system". The reason for a trainer or buddy system is simple. Two people working together will better ensure that all areas of the body are covered with KS Skin Creme for Athletes. KS can be applied to all external areas of the body: face, arms, torso, legs, back, neck, shoulders, scalp, etc. It should be applied from the waist up and singlets down, including those areas that may be covered by clothing, like the stomach and back. For maximum effectiveness, if your team is involved in a tournament that requires athletes to participate in multiple matches, KS should be applied before each match. The reason for this is simple. KS's unique formula will be effective up to 4 hours. A tournament setting is usually an all day event, lasting as long as 10 to 12 hours. If KS is applied only before the athletes first match, then 4 hours later KS may have worn off. Make sure that the athlete has cooled down and is dry before applying additional KS. KS Skin Creme for Athletes will not adhere properly to wet or perspiring skin. After practice or when the matches have ended it is recommended that each athlete take a shower using a high quality hair and body cleanser, like SPORT Hair and Body Cleanser for Athletes. This will not only help remove KS from the body, it may also provide an additional safeguard against those unwanted skin problems Ingredients: -Water -Butane -Stearic Acid -Dimethicone -Isopropyl Myristate -Glycerin -Propylene Glycol -Diazolidinyl Urea -Iodopropyl Butylcarbamate -Myristic Acid -Triethanolamine -Cetyl Alcohol -Lanolin -PVP -Nonoxynol 9 -Tocopherol Acetate -Fragrancetr>
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Kennedy Industries Athletic Disinfectant Products
Usually ships in 1 day
18 Ounce Can - Larger than the Competition. One can should last the wrestler the whole season
Formerly called Kenshield
Helps suspend contaminates from coming in contact with the skin
Non greasy & easy to apply. Will Not Harm the Body's Good Bacteria
Non-slip formulation will not interfere with the wrestler's or his opponent's ability to wrestle
Produced with the safety of the athlete in mind
Trusted by thousands of programs since 1993!
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Kennedy Industries KS Skin Crème The Original Skin Creme for Wrestlers KSCDL 681225000183 In Stock Single Unit
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