Detecto T Series Top Loading Large Dial Scales
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Detecto T Series Top Loading Large Dial Scales

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Product Description

Whatever your need in a top-loading dial scale, Detecto has a model to handle the job. The T Series comes in a variety of capacities listed below with your choice of stainless steel or enamel finishes. An easy-to-clean surface, sturdy construction, stability, convenient viewing angle, and easy readability make these attractive top loaders an ideal choice for your weighing needs. Whether the operation is checkweighing food portions in a fast-food restaurant, formulating paint mixtures by weight, verifying parcel weights in a shipping department, portioning in service areas, or counting by weight, there is a Detecto Top Loader right for the task.
T22 lbs
T55 lbs
T1010 lbs
T-2525 lbs
T5050 lbs
T100100 lbs
T200200 lbs

Specs & Features

Product Details
Cardinal Detecto Scales
Usually ships in 21 days
8.5" W x 10.25" D x 10.5" H / 216mm W x 260mm D x 267mm H
9" (229mm) square stainless steel
8 lb / 4 kg
Convenient viewing angle
Easy readability
Easy-to-clean surface
Sturdy construction
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Capacity
Detecto T10 Enamel Top Loading Scale with Fixed Dial-10 lb Capacity T10 809161107906 In Stock 10 lbs
Detecto T100 Enamel Top Loading Scale with Fixed Dial-100 lb Capacity T100 809161108408 In Stock 100 lbs
Detecto T2 Top Loading Fixed Dial Scale-32 oz Capacity T2 809161107104 In Stock 2 lbs
Detecto T200 (T-200) Top Loading Large Dial Scale w/ Enamel Finish T200 809161108507 In Stock 200 lbs
Detecto T-25 Top Loading Large Dial Scale-25 lb Capacity T-25 809161108101 In Stock 25 lbs
Detecto T5 Top Loading Fixed Dial Scale-5 Lb Capacity-5 lb Capacity T5 809161107708 In Stock 5 lbs
Detecto T50 Top Loading Fixed Dial Scale w/ Enamel Finish T50 809161108309 In Stock 50 lbs