Detecto MCS-DP Scoop Scales
Product Sku: MCS-DP

Detecto MCS-DP Scoop Scales

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Product Description

The MCS-P Series comes with a large, galvanized 11" x 16" x 5" (28cm x 41cm x 13cm) scoop and chains. These economical dial scales are built for heavy use and are popular with produce merchants, butchers, and grocers. The large 8" (20cm) dial is furnished with easy-reading black graduations and numerals on a white background, while the red knife blade pointer indicates weight fast and accurately. The dial mechanisms are protected by the plastic lens, while plastic housing eliminates dents and scratches. All hanging dial scales are available with double dial and/or temperature compensated springs.
MCS-10KGDP10 kg
MCS-20KGDP20 kg
MCS-20DP20 lbs
MCS-40DP40 lbs

Specs & Features

Product Details
Cardinal Detecto Scales
Usually ships in 21 days
8" (20cm) dial, with plastic lens
34.5" / 88 cm (from top S-hook to bottom of pan)
Galvanized 11" x 16" x 5" with chains (28cm x 41cm x 13cm)
5 lb / 2.3 kg
Double dial protected by lens and white plastic housing
Easy-reading graduations
Galvanized scoop and chains
Red knife blade pointer
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Owner's Manual Spec Sheet Capacity
Detecto MCS-20DP Hanging Scoop Scale-20 lb Capacity MCS-20DP 809161129403 In Stock 20 lbs
Detecto MCS-40DP Hanging Scoop Scale-40 lb Capacity MCS-40DP 809161129502 In Stock 40 lbs