Detecto DL Deli Scales with Integral Printer
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Detecto DL Deli Scales with Integral Printer

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Product Description

Detecto's DL series networkable price computing scales with integral label printers features 5,990 PLUs, 30 lb x 0.01 lb or 60 lb x 0.02 lb capacity, 12.8 in W x 8.9 in D stainless steel platform, inventory reporting capabilities by PLU, multiple connectivity ports (USB, Ethernet, and RS232 serial), alphanumeric display (upper and lower case characters), 4 LED display windows and 1 dot matrix text screen, NTEP legal-for-trade certification, and they are available with or without a tower pole display. Detecto's DL series scales print labels in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and printed information: bar codes, QR codes, safe handling images, ingredients, weights, date formats with month/day or time, nutritional facts, discounts, logos, and more. 50 label types are available via included software.

Specs & Features

Product Details
Cardinal Detecto Scales
Usually ships in 21 days
NTEP legal for trade certified
Stainless steel platform and ABS plastic scale enclosure
4 digit Tare, 6 digit Unit Price, 5 digit Weight, 6 digit Total Price
USB, Ethernet, and RS232 serial
Width: 40 mm - 60 mm, Length: 128 mm
5, 990 PLU's
Load Cell
15% - 85% relative humidity non-condensing
32 ° F - 104 ° F / 0 ° C - 40 ° C
12.8 in W X 8.9 in D / 32.5 cm W X 22.6 cm D
120VAC, 50-60 Hz (AC power cord included)
Thermal Print
DL1030P / DL1060P
Pounds (Lb)
4 LED Display Windows and 1 Dot Matrix Text Screen
5990 PLUs
Alphanumeric Display (Upper and Lower Case Characters)
Includes PC Software CD with Drag-and-Drop Graphics Setup
Integral Label Printer
Inventory Reporting Capabilities by PLU
Labels Available from DETECTO
NTEP Legal for Trade
Programming Password Protected Optional
USB - Ethernet - RS232 Serial
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Owner's Manual Spec Sheet Capacity Version
Detecto DL1030 Deli Scale with Integral Printer-30 lb Capacity DL1030 809161199406 In Stock 30 lbs Standard Display
Detecto DL1030P Deli Scale with Integral Printer w/ Tower Pole Display DL1030P 809161199505 In Stock 30 lbs Tower Display
Detecto DL1060 Deli Scale with Integral Printer-60 lb Capacity DL1060 809161199604 In Stock 60 lbs Standard Display
Detecto DL1060P Deli Scale with Printer w/ Tower Pole Display-60 lb DL1060P 809161199703 In Stock 60 lbs Tower Display