Core Products 550/551/552/554 Hot and Cold Packs
Product Sku: Hot-Cold-Packs

Core Products 550/551/552/554 Hot and Cold Packs

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Product Description

Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack Frost-Free Hot and Cold Pack for Superior Relief

Soft Comfort CorPaks are the perfect solution to help relieve strains, sprains, headaches and other soft tissue injuries. These versatile packs can be cooled in the freezer for acute care to help control swelling and blood flow, or warmed in the microwave to aid muscle relaxation, encouraging increased blood flow to promote healing. Our soft, frost-free pack is gentle on skin and does not need to be wrapped in a towel. Soft Comfort CorPaks have more fill than traditional packs to retain cold and heat longer. Long-lasting, reusable and filled with nontoxic, biodegradable fill. Customized packs can be used as promotional giveaways for customers (call for details) or can be sold as the perfect hot and cold pack.  

Item Description ACC549  Small Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 3” x 5” (8cm x 13cm)
ACC550  Medium Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 6” x 10” (15cm x 25cm)
ACC551  Large Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 10” x 13” (25cm x 33cm)
ACC552  Cervical Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 6” x 20” (15cm x 51cm)
ACC554  Tri-Sectional Soft Comfort Hot and Cold Pack 11” x 15” (28cm x 38cm)

Cleaning Instructions

Wipe with damp cloth if pack becomes lightly soiled, discard and replace heavily soiled packs. Store in freezer in plastic bag to prevent soiling . Use on non-broken skin only.

Specs & Features

Product Details
Core Products Orthopedic Supplies
Usually ships in 1 day
Heat in microwave
Non-toxic, biodegradable gel
Soft, "frost-free" cover
Store in freezer
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Owner's Manual Size
Core Products 550 Hot and Cold Pack-6" X 10" ACC-550 782944055000 In Stock 6" x 10"
Core Products 551 Hot and Cold Pack-10" X 13" ACC-551 782944055109 In Stock 10" x 13"
Core Products 552 Hot and Cold Pack-Cervical-6" x 20" ACC-552 782944055208 In Stock 6" x 20"
Core Products 554 Soft Comfort CorPak-Tri-Sectional 11" x 15" ACC-554 782944055406 In Stock 11" x 15"