Product Sku: PRO-3405-KIT

Core Products 3405 Jeanie Rub Massager-Professional Package

  • Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager - Variable speed (1400 rpm to 4600 rpm)
  • 13 foot power supply cord. One year manufacturer warranty.
  • Made in America by American craftsmen. First choice of professional and patients alike.
  • Fleece Cover, New Paraspinal Accessory, New Extremity Accessory, Carrying Bag

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Product Description

The brand new Jeanie Rub Massager Professional Package (2013) includes the 2 new accessories, a carrying bag, fleece cover and, of course, the Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager. The Jeanie Rub Massager Professional Package provides the ultimate starter kit for a penetrating, relaxing massage. The kit includes the variable-speed Jeanie Rub Massager, the industry standard among professional massage therapists, which delivers a custom massage between 1,400-4,600 rpm to safely relax muscles and stimulate circulation. Also included are a para-spinal and extremity accessory and a soft fleece pad sheepskin pad cover. All of this fits neatly into the included durable, padded nylon shoulder bag. The luxurious, fleece cover provides additional comfort and added protection for the vinyl pad and is machine washable. The Jeanie Rub Massagers Professional Package is perfect for the practicing massage therapist or health professional for pre-deep tissue massage or pre-adjustment warm-ups. The kit saves wear and tear on your hands for targeted, hands-on, deep tissue pressure point therapy. The Professional Package comes with the standard 1-Year warranty and is satisfaction guaranteed.

Specs & Features

Product Details
Core Products Orthopedic Supplies
Usually ships in 3 days
10.25 x 4.625 x 8.25 inches
4 x 9 inches

Requires 120V AC Nominal Power Source through a 12-foot power cord

7 lbs

Core 3401, 896, 897, 885, and 882

Built to ANSI standards; CSA certified

4" x 9" vinyl pad
Adjustable switch allows fingertip control
Cast aluminum construction
Core 896 and 897 are attached by velcro straps to the massager
Custom massage between 1400 - 4600 rpm
No pressure needed