BV Medical 60-840 Conventional 2.5 volt Mini-Otoscopes
Product Sku: 60-840

BV Medical 60-840 Conventional 2.5 volt Mini-Otoscopes

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Product Description

The BV Medical 60-840 Conventional 2.5 volt Mini-Otoscope is powered by 2 AA batteries and features a 2.5V vacuum bulb. With connection via screw thread, the funnels are always attached securely.

Specs & Features

Product Details
BV Medical Medical Equipment & Supplies
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Standard Illumination (2.5 Volt Vacuum Bulb)
Connection via screw thread
2 AA batteries
Ear funnels available in 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Color
BV Medical 60-840-000 Conventional 2.5 volt Mini-Otoscope-White 60-840-000 845821025418 In Stock White
BV Medical 60-840-010 Conventional 2.5 volt Mini-Otoscope-Black 60-840-010 845821025425 In Stock Black
BV Medical 60-840-210 Conventional 2.5 volt Mini-Otoscope-Pink 60-840-210 845821026088 In Stock Pink
BV Medical 60-840-250 Conventional 2.5 volt Mini-Otoscope-Royal 60-840-250 845821025401 In Stock Royal