baX-u Posture Support
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baX-u Posture Support

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Product Description

Unlike other products, BAX-U posture support helps with shoulder retraction without compressing the delicate arteries and nerves. When worn correctly & actively 2 to 6 hours per day for 12 to 24 weeks, over this time you will retrain your nervous system to stand more up right without thinking about it! In clinic this change is called neuro-muscular rehabilitation aka effective change. We are all slouching when we are texting, driving, using computers and even watching TV. ALL these can cause rounding of shoulders. Remember mom slapping you in the back telling you to strand up straight? Since we all have different body types & life styles, BAX-U Posture Support's ability to be adjustable, allows you to be in charge of how much you want your posture to be upright! This is why BAX-u is designed to be adjustable to your body and your lifestyle. TO SIZE: Measuring at the Chest Ribcage measure at lower rib level. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose. If you are in between sizes, it is recommended to choose the lower size for women and higher size for men.

Specs & Features

Product Details
baX-U Posture Support System
Usually ships in 1 day
ADAPTABLE no matter what your activity - golfing, bowling, working out, running, driving, gardening, sitting at a desk or texting, BAX-U is there to support your posture because it "Backs-YOU"
DESIGNED by Doctor of Chiropractic to reduce kyphosis, slouching and forward head carriage and Retrain your body for better posture, 2014 Innovative HME Retail Product Award Winner.
Multiple colors available
Multiple sizes available
REIMBURSABLE through many insurance providers with recommendation from your doctor.
SIMPLE a support that is not a medieval trap, An upper back brace that is easy to put on and take off, No pinching or chaffing like other cheap shoulder supports and posture braces.
SUBTLE a thin comfortable discreet posture support for under clothing, No one has to know, The secret to look taller, thinner and feel better and more confident in minutes.
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Color Size
baX-u BAX000 Posture Support and Correction-Extra Small-Black BAX000 040232099137 In Stock Black Extra Small
baX-u BAX001 Posture Support and Correction-Small-Black BAX001 040232043338 In Stock Black Small
baX-u BAX002 Posture Support and Correction-Medium-Black BAX002 040232043345 In Stock Black Medium
baX-u BAX003 Posture Support and Correction-Large-Black BAX003 040232043352 In Stock Black Large
baX-u BAX004 Posture Support and Correction-Extra Large-Black BAX004 040232043369 In Stock Black Extra Large
baX-u BAX000W Posture Support-Extra Small-White BAX000W 040232099144 In Stock White Extra Small
baX-u BAX001W Posture Support and Correction-Small-White BAX001W 040232043376 In Stock White Small
baX-u BAX002W Posture Support and Correction-Medium-White BAX002W 040232043383 Out of Stock White Medium
baX-u BAX003W Posture Support and Correction-Large-White BAX003W 040232043390 In Stock White Large
baX-u BAX004W Posture Support and Correction-Extra Large-White BAX004W 040232043406 In Stock White Extra Large
baX-u BAX000N Posture Support-Extra Small-Nude BAX000N 040232099151 In Stock Nude Extra Small
baX-u BAX001N Posture Support and Correction-Small-Nude BAX001N 040232043284 Out of Stock Nude Small
baX-u BAX002N Posture Support and Correction-Medium-Nude BAX002N 040232043291 In Stock Nude Medium
baX-u BAX003N Posture Support and Correction-Large-Nude BAX003N 040232043307 In Stock Nude Large
baX-u BAX004N Posture Support and Correction-Extra Large-Nude BAX004N 040232043314 In Stock Nude Extra Large