Ableware 718371000 CPT-Cognitive Performance Test
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Ableware 718371000 CPT-Cognitive Performance Test

  • CPT Revised 2018 Manual
  • Task analyses for each subtask and easier to use protocols
  • Documentation Template and Billing Code
  • Reference list of empirical studies published since 1990 thru 2018

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The Cognitive Performance Test (CPT) is a standardized occupational therapy assessment of functional cognition. Therapists examine cognitive integration with functioning in an IADL-environmental context and rate executive processing across seven subtasks for an average score. The CPT is used to explain and predict capacity to function in various contexts and guide intervention plans, it measures and tracks the severity of a cognitive-functional disability by means of baseline and serial assessment. The CPT Revised Manual 2018 uses an updated construct and language consistent with advances in cognitive neuroscience and what is known about neurocognitive disorders (NCDs) and the memory systems of mild and major NCDs.

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