Ableware 718300000 Adjustable Head Pointer
Product Sku: 718300000

Ableware 718300000 Adjustable Head Pointer

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An essential aid for people with limited hand use, for activities including turning pages, drawing or painting. It helps people with limited verbal communication skills to use communication boards and to point. It is also excellent for pushing in switches. Consists of lightweight plastic bands secured by metal hardware and topped by a 19" (48 cm) long aluminum rod. Padding at the forehead is comfortable and cool. The headband and cranial strap adjust to fit various head sizes and shapes. The pointer rod is fully adjustable for length and angle in any direction. The rod is fitted with a removable pencil holder. Net weight is 8 oz. (.23 kg). Shipping weight is 1.3 lb. (.6 kg).

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SP Ableware by Maddak
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Contains Aluminum
Contains Aluminum