Product Sku: 46832

CareZips 46832 Trousers/Pants

  • 29" inseam
  • 7% spandex, 21% rayon, and 72% polyester
  • Multiple sizes and color available
  • Socks and shoes are not necessarily removed

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Product Description

CareZips is an innovative pair of unisex everyday wear pants (adaptive apparel) for the adult incontinent market. The pants enable a full-frontal opening from waist to the knees via three strategically positioned zippers. This unique opening allows for easier and faster access to the abdomen for issues typically related to incontinence (e.g. a brief change) or wound care or bags. Current customers report efficient time savings, less back strain, less skin shear probability, and less exposure creating more dignity. CareZips provide an all-around more pleasant experience for all. This new-to-the-market healthcare textile provides nurses, caregivers, CNAs, or the wheelchair-enabled easier, faster, and more productive care. Socks and shoes are not necessarily removed. The two side zippers are positioned slightly forward to eliminate any discomfort particularly when the wearer is rolled side-to-side. Use of the pants means not having to necessarily undress and redress. Easy to wash and no ironing necessary. Fabric comprises of 7% spandex, 21% rayon, and 72% polyester. Seven sizes and four colors are available. All have an inseam of 29 inches.

Specs & Features

Product Details
CareZips Zippered Incontinence Pants
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7% spandex, 21% rayon, and 72% polyester
All sizes have an inseam of 29 inches.
Enable a full-frontal opening from waist to the knees via three strategically positioned zippers
Fabric created with the wearer in mind to provide optimal comfort and flexibility
Multiple sizes and color available
Polyester rayon blend allows you to have the breathability, unlike traditional 100% polyester pants, yet still giving the wearer the durability
Socks and shoes are not necessarily removed
Soft twisted yarns used to give a nice luxurious feel
Spandex to offer extra comfort of mobility so that it will not bind
Twill weave to improve flexibility and breathability
Zippers specifically positioned in this patent pending design as to not create unwanted pressure points to the wearer should they be on their side
Zippers were chosen over traditional snaps and Velcro for ease of use and dignity to resemble a traditional pant
MFG Part # UPC Code Stock Status Owner's Manual Size Chart Color Size
CareZips 46832-015-L Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Large-Black 46832-015-L 609953363837 In Stock Black Large
CareZips 46832-015-M Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Medium-Black 46832-015-M 609953440712 In Stock Black Medium
CareZips 46832-015-S Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Small-Black 46832-015-S 609953440729 Out of Stock Black Small
CareZips 46832-015-XL Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Extra Large-Black 46832-015-XL 609953441368 In Stock Black Extra Large
CareZips 46832-015-XS Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Extra Small-Black 46832-015-XS 609953441399 In Stock Black Extra Small
CareZips 46832-015-2X Easy Change Trousers/Pants-2XL-Black 46832-015-2X 609953441443 Out of Stock Black 2XL
CareZips 46832-015-3X Easy Change Trousers/Pants-3XL-Black 46832-015-3X 609953441474 In Stock Black 3XL
CareZips 46832-054-L Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Large-New Navy 46832-054-L 609953441481 Out of Stock New Navy Large
CareZips 46832-054-M Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Medium-New Navy 46832-054-M 609953441528 In Stock New Navy Medium
CareZips 46832-054-S Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Small-New Navy 46832-054-S 609953441559 In Stock New Navy Small
CareZips 46832-054-XL Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Extra Large-New Navy 46832-054-XL 609953441566 In Stock New Navy Extra Large
CareZips 46832-054-XS Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Extra Small-New Navy 46832-054-XS 609953442426 In Stock New Navy Extra Small
CareZips 46832-054-2X Easy Change Trousers/Pants-2XL-New Navy 46832-054-2X 609953442464 In Stock New Navy 2XL
CareZips 46832-054-3X Easy Change Trousers/Pants-3XL-New Navy 46832-054-3X 609953442471 In Stock New Navy 3XL
CareZips 46832-1031-M Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Medium-Galaxy Blue 46832-1031-M 609953357287 Out of Stock Galaxy Blue Medium
CareZips 46832-1031-S Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Small-Galaxy Blue 46832-1031-S 609953468549 Out of Stock Galaxy Blue Small
CareZips 46832-1031-XS Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Xs-Galaxy Blue 46832-1031-XS 609953332505 In Stock Galaxy Blue Extra Small
CareZips 46832-1031-2X Easy Change Trousers/Pants-2XL-Galaxy Blue 46832-1031-2X 609953368108 Out of Stock Galaxy Blue 2XL
CareZips 46832-1031-3X Easy Change Trousers/Pants-3XL-Galaxy Blue 46832-1031-3X 609953368122 Out of Stock Galaxy Blue 3XL
CareZips 46832-1040-XS Trousers/Pants-Extra Small-Granite 46832-1040-XS 609953382982 In Stock Granite Extra Small
CareZips 46832-1004-S Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Small-Charcoal 46832-1004-S 609953362373 In Stock Charcoal Small
CareZips-46832-1240 Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Large-Plumberry 46832-1240-L 609953086996 In Stock Plumberry Large
CareZips-46832-1240 Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Medium-Plumberry 46832-1240-M 609953092867 In Stock Plumberry Medium
CareZips-46832-1240 Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Small-Plumberry 46832-1240-S 609953098883 In Stock Plumberry Small
CareZips-46832-1240 Easy Change Trousers/Pants-Extra Large-Plumberry 46832-1240-XL 609953102825 In Stock Plumberry Extra Large
CareZips-46832-1240 Easy Change Trousers/Pants-2XL-Plumberry 46832-1240-2X 609953102887 In Stock Plumberry 2XL