Befour SS-3300T Edge 3-sided Scoring System w/ Wireless Tablet
Product Sku: SS-3300T

Befour SS-3300T Edge 3-sided Scoring System w/ Wireless Tablet

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Product Description

Designed for true 360 viewing, the SS-3300T 3-sided tournament scoreboard has more helpful features, user-friendly controls, and a durable design that ensures years of trouble-free service. Operating the SS-3300T is so easy that even untrained scorekeepers can master it within minutes. The new tablet controller now comes as a powerful and intuitive Android touch screen with a layout that is simple and logical. The scoreboard is used for multiple sports including wrestling, martial arts, volleyball, basketball, and more. Portable and compact, the display module weighs just 35 lbs. and is equipped with a handle for easy carrying. Set up is a cinch, just plug the display into an A/C outlet, tap on the score clock icon on the tablet,once it is paired with the display unit. It's that easy. You can run multiple units with no interference and you still get the wide range of 50'. An optional tripod (TRI-3000) is also available to raise the scoreboard 7 ft. above the ground. An optional, rugged ATA-approved shipping case (HC-3000) will protect the SS-3300T in any environment.

Specs & Features

Product Details
Befour Precision Digital Scales
Usually ships in 5 days
Simultaneously tracks both advantage and injury time.
Reinforced alloy case with Lexan face
Intuitive and easy-to-use.
4" & 2.5 Bar-style LEDs
Reinforced alloy case with Lexan face
20" x 20" x 17"
2 years
40 lbs.
Steady, fast beep, slow beep, and off.
4" ultra-bright LEDs are professional bar-style.
Located in display with adjustable volume and on/off setting.
0 - 9999
Can also be used to show team score (overlay included).
0:00 - 99:99
For quick setup and take down.
0 - 4, bullet-style
120V AC
If not in use, can be removed in the setting tab.
0 - 99
Advantage (riding) and Injury timers.
10" Android Tablet
Appears exactly like full-sized display.
Counts down
Allows system to be pre-set with different period lengths.
Martial arts, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and more.
360 degree viewing lets the audience see display from every angle.
Advantage/injury memory tracks both advantage and injury times.
Horn located on clock where action is - not at official's table.
Large one piece display allows for quick setup and take down.
Made in the USA
Professional Bar-style digits for greatest visibility.
Riding time is standard, can be used for professional and amateur tournaments.
Tablet controller mimics full-size display for ease of use.
Wireless system give you a 50' range between the controller and display without the need of a cable.