Befour SS-3200T Edge Scoring System-Score Board w/ Wireless Tablet
Product Sku: SS-3200T

Befour SS-3200T Edge Scoring System-Score Board w/ Wireless Tablet

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Product Description

Designed for indoor use, the SS-3200T 2-sided tournament scoreboard has more helpful features, user-friendly controls, and a durable design that ensures years of trouble-free service. Operating the SS-3200T is so easy that even untrained scorekeepers can master it within minutes; the tablet control layout is simple and logical. Use for multiple sports including wrestling, martial arts, volleyball, basketball, and more. Portable and compact, the one-piece display carries like a suitcase. The display module weighs just 28 lbs. Set up is a cinch: the scoreboard can be set on a table or mat. An optional tripod (TRI-3000) is also available to raise the scoreboard 7 ft. above the ground. An optional, rugged ATA-approved shipping case (HC-3000) will protect the SS-3200T in any environment.

Specs & Features

Product Details
Befour Precision Digital Scales
Usually ships in 5 days
Simultaneously tracks both advantage and injury time.
Reinforced alloy case with Lexan face
Intuitive and easy-to-use.
4" & 2.5 Bar-style LEDs
Reinforced alloy case with Lexan face
20" x 20" x 7-1/2"
2 years
Steady, fast beep, slow beep, and off.
4" ultra-bright LEDs are professional bar-style.
located in display with adjustable volume and on/off setting.
0 - 9999
Can also be used to show team score (overlay included).
0:00 - 99:99
For quick setup and take down.
0 - 4, bullet-style
120V AC
If not in use, can be removed in the setting tab.
0 - 99
Advantage (riding) and Injury timers.
34 lbs.
10" Android Tablet
Appears exactly like full-sized display.
1 year
Counts down
Allows system to be pre-set with different period lengths.
Martial arts, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and more.
Advantage/injury memory tracks both advantage and injury times.
Controller tablet mimics full-size display for ease of use.
Horn located on clock where action is - not at official's table.
Large one piece display allows for quick setup and take down.
Professional Bar-style digits for greatest visibility.
Riding time is standard, can be used for professional and amateur tournaments.
Made in the USA